JB Gift & Souvenir
35A, Jalan Bakti 1,
Taman Mutiara Rini,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.

Tel  : 07-5582331
Fax : 07-5572331
Email : info@jbgift.com.my

Business Hour: 9:00am-6:00pm (Monday - Friday)


Sport Bottle (With Cup) BPA FREE HS 180

2 Tier Stainless Steel Lunch Box HS 119

Digital Organizer Case B357

Casual Backpack B343

Sport Pouch MICS 130

Sling Bag B355

Shoe Bag B344

Multipurpose Sling Bag B342

Towel Box (Plastic) PP BOX 007 or 008

Towel Box (Paper) Paper Box 005 or 006

Metal Tin Box

Wooden Pen Box BG402

Cap Baseball 5-Panel 100% Polyester CP05

Cap 100% Cotton CP22

Fisherman Hat Reversible (For FH 0105 & FH 0111 only) FH 01

Cotton Cap CP 21

Unique Watch (Pocket WatchInsert Watch) PW925, WI12

Unique Watch (Nurse Watch)NW2 & NW6

Unique Watch (Necklace Watch) NC625

Unique Watch (Necklace Watch) NC01

Malaysia Corporate Gift - 2 In 1 Wooden Gift Set (Round) BG 5001

Malaysia Corporate Gift - 2 In 1 Wooden Gift Set (Rectangular) BG 5000

Malaysia Corporate Gift - Exclusive 2 In 1 Wooden Gift Set BG 8048

Malaysia Corporate Gift - 3 In 1 PU Gift Set STS 103

Custom Made Souvenir 2

Custom Made Souvenir 1

Custom Made Etching Product 2

Custom Made Etching Product 1

Folder Design D

Folder Design C

Folder Design B

Artwork Design - Brochure Two Fold (Special Size) - SPA

Square Bottle HS 9002

Sport Bottle (With Straw) BPA FREE HS 059

Sport Bottle (With Cup) BPA FREE HS 180

Shaker BPA FREE HS 1801

Notebook With Post It Note & Pen GP 117

Memopad With Pen MP 1070

Memopad With Pen & Sticky note MP 1230

Memopad GP 116

Emergency Toolkit MICS 998 (With Led Flashlight, Hammer, Safety Belt Cutter)

Wireless Mouse BG 132

USB Mango Fan ES 107

Travel Adapter Worldwide UA 931

PU Manicure Set MICS 709019

7 in 1 Container Set HS 1050C

2 Tier Stainless Steel Lunch Box HS 119

Soup Plate

Multifunction Key Holder MICS 972

Wooden Keychain C 629

Wooden Keychain C 626

PU Leather Key Holder C 889

Semi Color Lanyard (With Safety Clip, HP Clip, Metal Clip) LS 102

Safety Wide Strap Lanyard (With Safety Clip, HP Clip, Metal Clip) LS 103

Safety Pulling String Lanyard (With Pull String & Safety Clip) LS 101

Lanyard LY 115

Name Card Holder NCH 343

Name Card Holder NCH 059

Name Card Holder NCH 058

Name Card Holder NCH 053

Non Woven Bag WB 8015

Non Woven Bag WB 6815

Non Woven Bag WB 6814

Non Woven Bag WB 5213

Notebook With Post IT Note & Pen STS 908

A5 PU Organizer STS 1040

A5 PU Organizer STS 1037

A5 PU Notebook STS 3073

Phone Holder With Car Freshener MICS 1036

Classic PU Multi Holder PUS 915

Can Opener MICS 936

Aluminium Luggage Tag MICS 128

Twist Plastic Pen BG 20765

Plastic Pen PS 20164C

Plastic Pen PS 2509

Plastic Pen PS 2488

Trendy Power Bank (1500mAh) PBS 101

Stylish Power Bank (2200mAh) PBS 102

Power Bank (4000mAh)

Power Bank (2600mAh) PBS 223

Promotion Round Neck Family Shirt

2018 Christmas Promo - Canvas Pouch With Individual Name

Promotion Back To School 2018


Stylish PU ID Holder PUS 907

PU travelling Organizer PUS 906

PU Passport Holder PUS 904

PU Passport Holder PUS 104

digital printer 1

Paper Bag With Die Cutting

Fridge Magnet

Silk screen Printing T-Shirt

Pen Holder PH 6001

Pen Holder PH 5002

Pen Holder PH 5001

Pen Holder PH 2829

RT 0920 Car Decal (Road Tax Sticker) - Toyota 16cm X 14cm-01

RT 0919 Car Decal (Road Tax Sticker) - Subaru 16cm X 14cm-01

RT 0918 Car Decal (Road Tax Sticker) - Proton 16cm X 14cm-01

RT 0917 Car Decal (Road Tax Sticker) - Perodua 16cm X 14cm-01

Cooling Sport Towel MICS 127

Travel Toiletries Set MICS 129

Hand Towel 20'' X 40'' 100% Cotton TW08

Hand Towel 14'' X 30'' 100% Cotton TW07

Plastic Trophy Gold IPT 011

Plastic Trophy Gold IPT 002

Plastic Trophy Gold IPT 001

Plastic Trophy 19340-G

Custom Made Umbrella 6

Custom Made Umbrella 5

Custom Made Umbrella 4

Custom Made Umbrella 3

Overall 100% Cotton OV02 (Unisex)

Jacket (Unisex) JK 01

Vest 100% Polyester Canvas VT03 (Unisex)

Vest Jacket (Unisex) VJ 06

USB Drive Series BG W10

USB Drive Series BG W02

USB Drive Series BG U22

USB Drive Series BG U21

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